Thursday, 1 March 2012

Welcome To Pia Carrot Translation Project

Genki enjoys the thrill of all that whipped cream in a bit of Pia Carrot. Hats off to KID for managing to keep the series ticking over nicely. And even more Kudos to the fine translation job by Matt's Messy Room. I mean just the thought of transcripting the game makes my head hurt. But to deliver a patch to run in sync with the original game so that it may be savoured on the PC-FX format.... The hoards of cos play devotees should part in awe and respect if ever Matt decides to attend an anime con. Now many can work on their chat up lines thanks to his dedication. Though perhaps a few of the lines are best kept to the maid cafes of Akihabara....
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Filler said...

Thanks guys! Really glad to read about people enjoying the game. I'm doing my best working with talented folks on fan translations of more Pia Carrot and PC-FX games. Please continue to support our efforts!