Monday, 9 July 2007

Summer Sizzlers

Welcome to our summer update of all that’s looking good in a bikini on the Genki site. Plenty here worth lifting up the shades for…
Twinkle Star Sprites on the Dreamcast shows plenty of sparkle and all the pizzazz of its sculptor SNK in a refreshing arcadey romp.
Plenty of bargains to be had on the GameCube including the frighteningly addictive Mr Driller Drill Land and the Treasure masterpiece Dragon Drive D Master Shot.
Marshmallow man memories a plenty as Ghostbusters returns to the Mega Drive with the lively Sonic Spinball and an off-beat Ultraman battle.
Last Resort keeps all guns blazing for the side scrolling shooter brigade and blasts a blaze of glory on the Neo Geo AES. The Neo Geo CD does well with some sturdy, southport fighters in Art of Fighting 2 and Fatal Fury Special.
Super Robot Wars W shows the series’ strength in a culmination of concepts from the saga’s rich history. Osu Tatakae Ouendan 2 also on the DS proves well worth the wait – the very essence of fun and playability guaranteed to bring back the spring in the joypad fingers of the most grizzled gaming veteran. Yoshi’s Island DS brings back a few cherished memories of the Super Famicom version yet with the style and guile of the DS stylus.
Those who have flirted with the idea of getting a Virtual Boy won’t find a better chance to get started with a few tasty gourmet cuts from across the gaming menu in a smooth starter pack.
Ultimate Parodius is in stock as a PSOne version – a sassy import title to chew the PSX cud over with Microman making up in stature what he lacks in size in a little known hidden gem.
The PS2 gets the bargain SNK Best Collection releases of Metal Slug, Last Blade, Garou Mark of Wolves, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters 11 along with the essential Metal Slug Complete covering the series major releases.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma impresses on the PS3 with gorgeous graphical wizardry and some real Tecmo gameplay. There’s also plenty of sunshine on the PSP for when its raining outdoors with various idol related distractions.
The Metal Slug Ram Cart Pack makes its long awaited Genki debut on the Saturn.
The thrills and spills of Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race are countered by the icey chills of Biohazard 4 Wii Edition. Some Nintendo cheer in an amazing return to form in the innovative Super Paper Mario. Great news for PC Engine and Monkey fans alike in the long awaited Cloud Master update for the Wii
The Dead or Alive Hitomi Figure has been breathing life into the Genki team and providing a good reminder of the summer – hard to find elsewhere. Until next time, keep your hardware dry…