Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ginga Force and Eschatos Wonder Pack

Genki is gearing up for the arrival of this superb double pack on Friday. Great value, Genki just wishes for better hand - eye co-ordination, rather than deteriorating. Sometimes I think it could be tactics, but watching some of these super play DVDs brings a sinking feel to the pit of the stomach. Still practise makes perfect and one day the aim is to hit the coin - ops of the Big T(okyo) with plenty of confidence and a bag full of 100 Yen coins. I fear it could be 500 Yen coins at this rate mind....

Ginga Force continues Qutes obsession with polygons to give the on screen shooting frenzy a real 3D feel as enemy vessels rise and fall from all angles. Combine this with some subtle lighting and it really keeps the trigger finger twitchy. Constant banter with the avatars helps add a little distraction from the intense action.

With Eschatos think of what Miyamoto san would have done given such raw polygon processing power on Star Fox and you are there. Eschatos has some scary bosses and genuinely breaks onto a new plane of shooting as they warp across the screen taking your line of fire with it. And as all good shoot em up fans know, bosses that can rotate freely do have a nasty tendency to reveal another side to their ship with fully intact blasters. Thankfully for Genki Easy mode exists.