Monday 6 May 2019

"Bumper batch of restocks this week with Soldier Blade, PC Kid 3, Kikikaikai, Ninja Warriors, Darius Plus and Kato Chan Ken Chan demonstrating the PC Engine was ahead of its time. The Ghouls and Ghosts version for the Super Grafx remains the finest.
Speaking of which, Tenchi O Kurau II is a superb version for the Playstation. The Mega Drive gets some triple-A titles back on the shelves too in Kujaku Ou 2, Rockman Mega World, Phelios and Marvel Land.

The GBA has a real sleeve of retro tattoos in Contra Hard Spirits, Castlevania, F-Zero Falcon Densetsu, Metroid Zero Mission...

The PS2 is starting to become the choice console of the retro hipster with Space Channel 5, XII Stag and JoJos Bizarre Adventure enough ID to get it into the retro expo.

A wealth of collection fillers for snap them up prices on the Saturn. Alas Ninja Warriors Again is in a different pricing bracket, but what a game on the Super Famicom. 

Finally the GameCube boasts Sonic Gem Collection, Beach Spikers, PN 03, Mr Driller Drill Land....

Happy Genki Gaming."