Friday, 30 September 2022

Wholesome Retro Restocks

 Genki Greetings.

Retro restocks galore this week: all coming with a big 'Sizzler' brand stamp from fellow gamers which have bought them previously. Playstation shooters in Shienryu, Choaniki and G Darius (with most honourable mention to The Firemen 2), PS2 compilations in Taito Memories, proper rumbles on the DC in Capcom vs SNK 2 and Vampire Chronicles with strong showings from Bruce Willis look-a-like in Dynamite Deka on the Saturn, wholesome gameplay on the Famicom and triumphant returns on the GameCube. Happy Genki Gaming.

Thursday, 14 July 2022

GameBoy Advances & Capcom Fighting Fests Plus PS4 Blasts

 Tomato Adventure, Space Hexcite & Diadroids World Ambition of Evil Empire make their Genki debut. Lettuce tell you: Tomato Adventure is a delightful experience.

Backed up with Nonono Puzzle Chai Rian, Mario v Donkey Kong & Koro Koro Puzzle Happy Panechu display what a fine handheld the #Nintendo #GameBoyAdvance is.

Capcom Fighting Collection brings glorious, colourful 2D fighting to the current generation of Switch and PS4 fans. Plenty to get your teeth into with the Vampire series, but many more knuckle crunching crackers contained within in Hyper Street Fighter II, Cyberbots , Pocket Fighter, Super Puzzle Fighter II X and Warzard for the joypad dexterous. Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 1 makes a welcomed PS4 debut and shows just how many thoroughbreds the Psikyo stable has produced.

Friday, 29 April 2022


Good to have a blast on Acrobat Mission this week on the Super Famicom (in the interests of play testing of course!) 

Always nice to have a rummage around the Famicom bargain bins too: you never know what you'll find. 

A Pikachu Plush adds the finishing touch to any backpack ready to head off on an expedition. 

The Playstation dominates proceedings this week and its new arrivals section is in fine fettle with Twinbee RPG, Claymen Claymen 2, Justice Gakuen 2, Initial D, Choaniki, Thunder Storm and & Road Blasters and Marvel Super Heroes. 
Whilst the big brother PS2 launches a salvo back through the eternally youthful Metal Slug 3. 

Finally, fine hardware and curio's in the PS2 printer Popegg, Martial Beat for budding Jackie Chans and Para Para Paradise for those that don't live on the ground floor or have net curtains.


Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Bank of Sega

Genki Greetings.

PS4 and Switch shooters a plenty in this update with Cotton Rock and Roll and Death Smiles I II plus Raiden IV x Mikado for the PS4 and the quirky Illvelo Swamp + Radirgy Swag for the Switch.

Valis also makes a triumphant return to hold her sword aloft on the Switch.

The Piggy Bank of Sega is a delightful discovery for anyone who appreciated Service Games during the 90's and its touching that Sega hasn't forgotten its devoted fan base.

The Famicom has more new releases in Battletoads and Astro Ninja  Man DX, keeping it forever young.

 A plethora of delightful restocks such as Namco 50
th Anniversary Collection on the PS2, Hajime no Ippo on the GameBoy Advance, Actraiser on the Super Famicom, the AV Famicom, the PC Engine Duo R as Ultimate Tiger Heli continues to fly out (sorry.) Happy Genki Gaming. 

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Console Wars Gaming Legions Amassed

The #SegaSaturn and #Dreamcast come to the fore this week to encircle the vast army of #Nintendo #Famicom and #SuperFamicom legions, well-marshalled by the #Gamecube Generals. The NEC #PCEngine games would no doubt be the hired guns.

Leading the charge on the Saturn are Cotton 2 & Dynamite Deka. An unruly bunch on the Dreamcast with an array of fighters that would take on any Dojo. Cart-only classics of Nosferatu, Smash TV, Splatterhouse, Samurai Pizza Cat, Cocoron & Fuzzical Fighter on the Famicom and SFC.
Happy Genki Gaming. Over and out.


Friday, 24 December 2021

Genki HQs Seasonal Sizzlers that Bring that Retro, Ready Brek Gaming Glow

 Festive Genki Greetings. We hope you can enjoy some quality game time during the festive period and find something special for the collection under the Christmas tree. Thank you for the support this year and happy gaming throughout 2022 too. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Console Turf Wars

Genki Greetings. It been a while old beans. 
The Sakura Wars Dreamcast demonstrates Sega's love of its fans by inking its delightful design. Last Blade 2, Capcom vs SNK, Street Fighter and Virtua Cop 2 demonstrate its dream architecture. 

Fantasy Zone for the back in stock Mark 3, Tatsujin & Darius 2 for the Mega Drive, Silky Lip & Devastator for the Mega CD and Vampire Savior on the Saturn risk turning this into a console wars skirmish from the 90's. 

The Nintendo formats gather the gang with Ninja Spirit and Splatterhouse on the Famicom, Super Smash Bros on the N64 backed up by the celebrity triple-A releases of F Zero X, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64 and Wave Race 64 on cut-price cart only and the GameCube dark horses of Metroid Prime, Gotcha Force and Chibi Robot. 

Strong showings from the understated PC Engine with Gunhed, Tales from the Monster Patch, Mr. Heli and those Burning Angels back in town. Dodonpachi on the PS2 is a pixel perfect version. 

Happy Genki gaming.