Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Big Drops

 Big drops on the #Saturn #Dreamcast #Famicom #SuperFamicom & #Playstation. It's hard to only pick one for each, but if pushed we'd go
#AdvancedVG #Shenmue II #FantasyZone #Mother2 & #Raystorm.But tomorrow it could well be #Nights #SonicAdventureBirthdayPack #NinjaKun #KidDracula

Friday, 22 January 2021

Batman, Super Contra and Mother are like a Las Vegas CES show for the Famicom's wares. 
GameCube Smash Bros and Metal Gear Twin Snakes are like the same Eighties CES stand salesman, if not adorned with a bit more gold. 

Aleste and R Type go head-to-head for the Sega Mark III gold medal in the shooting.

Mahjong Sword Princess Quest makes its first appearance at Genki on the PC Engine, albeit slightly blushing.

Segare Iriji eclipses Paranoia Scape on the Playstation for the 'Warning: This T-shirt Contains a Nut' Award.
U Underwater Unit cruises in and out of the PS2 port with the stealth of a U Boat before anyone has noticed.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

on the #PS2, #Choaniki on the #PCEngine and #ThunderForce IV on the #MegaDrive will get the pulses of many racing as fast as the retinas need to be to flourish. Also #Thor on the #Saturn amongst other fresh retro arrivals.

Stay Safe & Game On.

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Christmas Arrivals

On the PS4, shooters return to hanger, lasers still red hot with Sisters Royale making its Genki debut, as does Bomber Boy on the GameBoy. Highly collectable restocks in the SGB Commander, Mario Tennis (VB), Mario Clash (also VB) plus the ever-popular Nintendo GameCube Controller Smash Bros. 

Thanks for your support this year and hope you have a great Christmas as sweet as those memories of old: be it the Game Gear release, Playstation or Atari Jaguar. Happy Genki Gaming.

Friday, 18 December 2020

Nintendo DS Limited Editions

 #NintendoDS enters the role of #retrogaming handheld, but is definitely ready to grow old gracefully with these sleek designs. Its not old, its vintage.

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Sega Saturn Bag

 Perfect for the #retrogamer in your life & ideal for stashing goodies on a trip to a game show or perhaps in a #Segagals tribute #cosplay ?

At least it will brighten up the commute with a few knowing nods from sagely gaming veterans.

#Sega #Retrogaming

Dream Limited Edition Games

 If @carlsberg did limited editions.
Anyone fancy a new watch for Christmas? Such a watch is worth the admission fee alone: just a shame Sega never tried to up the ante by including a Rolex alongside Shenmue III...