Friday, 30 March 2012

Unusual Gaming Genres Part One: Crane Operator

Popular gaming press has bemoaned the seeming homogenisation of the gaming industry in recent years as it undergoes its own version of globalisation. Critics say that Japanese developed games are no longer as out on a limb as they used to be. And perhaps they have a point: Genki certainly can't imagine Crane Master being released on the current platforms... A cracking title in which you get to become a master crane operator through the various stages and challenges including pulling out fish as in the child's toy fishing game. There is also an expert course to graduate aswell as the grind of work mode where going about your duties is strangely gratifying. Only in Japan, but well worth a spin. Known as Crane Master ni Narou in Japan. Interested parties seeking the full license should also see Shovel Master and Machine Master in the Kenki Ippai series. Keep it left field.

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