Friday 29 April 2022


Good to have a blast on Acrobat Mission this week on the Super Famicom (in the interests of play testing of course!) 

Always nice to have a rummage around the Famicom bargain bins too: you never know what you'll find. 

A Pikachu Plush adds the finishing touch to any backpack ready to head off on an expedition. 

The Playstation dominates proceedings this week and its new arrivals section is in fine fettle with Twinbee RPG, Claymen Claymen 2, Justice Gakuen 2, Initial D, Choaniki, Thunder Storm and & Road Blasters and Marvel Super Heroes. 
Whilst the big brother PS2 launches a salvo back through the eternally youthful Metal Slug 3. 

Finally, fine hardware and curio's in the PS2 printer Popegg, Martial Beat for budding Jackie Chans and Para Para Paradise for those that don't live on the ground floor or have net curtains.