Wednesday, 25 October 2006

More October Updates

Hundreds of titles recently restocked and plethora of brand new, mint in pack exclusives such as Cool Cool Toon on the Dreamcast, Sin & Punishment and Star Soldier on the N64, Shikigami no Shiro II Limited Edition on the Gamecube, Vampire Savior Ram Pack, Segata Sanshiro and Capcom Generations on the Sega Saturn. Its always hard to find such shrink wrapped bundles of joy so savour this whilst you can. The Saturn also offers the Nights Controller Pack, Metal Slug and Game Paradise proving an island of tranquility for jaded gamers. The Neo Geo AES goes from strength to strength with the cheaper option of the Neo Geo CD titles looking as tempting as ever.

The PSX offers some fine 'gamers' gaming with No One Can Stop Mr Domino, In the Hunt and Dam Dam Stompland. Its always a Halloween treat to have titles such as Tokyo Bus Guide, Virtual On, Under Defeat, and Gigawing in stock for the DC but its Dracula X on the Saturn thats been putting a real chill down the spines in the Genki office this week. On the hardware front there are some fine additions to the Sega section with the Densha De GO controller and sunshine delights of Samba DE Amigo Maracas for the Dreamcast along with some solidly built joysticks for both the DC and Saturn. Happy gaming. For the full story please click here....

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

October updates

A good bunch of wholesome gaming goodness has been rounded up recently. Highlights include a very tasty Chu Chu Rocket pack on the Dreamcast, arcade romp Gain Ground exemplifing Sega's 16Bit credentials that saw it succeed with the Mega Drive in the West as Animal Crossing gets comfy on the N64 astounding with its unique gameplay and lovable, cuddly visuals. Always good to have the Virtual Boy in stock - even if it does look like you're doing a lab experiment when playing it. Dynastic Hero plays a perfect hand on the PC Engine - the sort of title the machine relished. Some throw away gun fun on the PSX with some more serious samurai 'chanbara' romps and slick shmups on the big brother PS2. A plethora of new budget titles to boost your collection on the Saturn and Super Famicom as the XBox shows its shooter wares in some sublime Shikigami updates. For the full story please click here....