Wednesday 20 December 2006

Wii wish you a Merry Christmas...

The Wii remote already responsible for more broken crockery than the Genki Christmas office party. Still hats off to the usually conservative Kyoto company for breathing vitality and greater social acceptability into our beloved gaming industry. Who else would allow you to sample all the fun of the Japanese festival in the comfort of your living room in Festival Master?

A few Nintendo masterpieces have been hung in the GameBoy/GameBoy Color sections too with vibrant gameplay in the much imitated brush style of Wario World.

Melon Chan's Growth Diary is a typical Japan-centric Neo Geo Pocket title the sort of which has next to no chance of making it to Western shores and has nothing to do with green fingers.

Art Truck Battle gives you a real gritty taste of life on the open road complete with wagon design that'd put a head honcho yakuza's tattoos to shame. Claymen Claymen 2 is a delightful title also on the PSX with experimental visuals sculpted to perfection. Crisis Beat too has a feel of AM2 in their prime whilst Crane Master brings the fun back to building sites!

God Hand announces Capcom's divine return to form on the PS2 with some fearsome specials and hammed up acting with Genki lapping it up.

The Biohazard Dreamcast is further evidence of Sega's reciprocated love for Dreamcast Gurus in the most stylish, slender curves of all the limited edition Dreamcasts.

Sonic Council pushes all the right buttons, as if another excellent 2D beat 'em up were required on the Saturn. Steam Hearts causes a few steamy windows with the bizarre Game Paradise Pack more for family consumption.

Ganbare Daiku Gensan and Super Empire Strikes Back for the SFC are two classic platforming titles from an era when graphical prowess was equally balanced with blistering gameplay.

Besides the new Home page, the boffins here at Genki have been working on the RSS Feed to ensure full gaming sustenance for all by keeping you up to date with the latest additions to the site.

All the staff at would like to thank all our customers for their support during 2006 and wish them all a very Merry Christmas. See you in the New Year!