Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Site Update

Genki Greetings!
Plenty going on of late on the Genki site. Some delightful banners have been crafted thanks to the efforts of Nick Ball Design. Too good to simply be enjoyed on the site, we are currently publishing some stickers to be sent out with orders. The Onsen Octopus is being used in a current advertising campaign, but already we are thinking about Ninja's for next time....

Plenty of behind the curtain improvements to the site from our Far east team:

The mobile Genki site is our most exciting achievement for all the early adopters out there who utilise their phones to the max. A clever piece of programming means that the site will detect its being viewed on a phone and show the simpler site making it an easy browse.

There is now a Saturday delivery option for those in the UK to be able to get a console sent out for a special Saturday. (Games usually still arrive next day UK even on a Saturday dependent on location.)

As ever there are plenty of restocks due in a more cheeky titles being added to the site, so please keep an eye out for that import sizzler....

Happy Genki gaming!