Friday, 16 September 2005

Greetings from Genki!

Game on greetings from the Genki Team! A warm, warm welcome to the spiritual home of video gaming. We stock a large range of quality titles direct hot from Japan as well as a plethora of rare, retro releases. So whether you're into strutting your stuff on the classic Dreamcast Samba De Amigo, struggling to find some sunshine to play Bokura no Taiyou, a footy fiend gasping for a go on Perfect Striker, a karaoke king crooning on Dream Audition, a grapple fan looking for that missing Street Fighter magic, a shooter head missing your old copy of R - Type: we have it.

If its available to buy on the site, its in our UK warehouse ready to ship. Our just in time network in Japan also permits us to track down whatever you may be after for that gaming fix. Please email should there be a title you desperately need and we'll get straight back with a quote and estimated delivery time. We stock a large range of both recent and rarer titles for many systems: especially the Sega Saturn, PC Engine and Dreamcast. Yet we have unprecedented access to the largest video game market on the planet and our extensive network can supply almost every format ever released.