Friday, 24 August 2007

Retro Import Gaming

Rather than expand into too many high school dating sims,
this month we've been hard at work restocking the real top
drawer titles.

leads the charge on the 32X and the genre
bending Gunspike on the Dreamcast.

The 16 bit
Sega Platforms get a timely boost with an array of tasty Mega
based titles such as Time Gal and Sengoku.
Battle Mania's babes hit back in the delightful 16
Bit shooter, along with the organic Crying, close combat
of Contra and the intense action overload of Yu
Yu Hakusho
on the Mega Drive. In fact the MD really
puts on a pyrotechnical show when needed with Tengen's VV,
Musha Aleste, the imaginative Steel Empire,
the ever popular Aeroblasters, Fire Shark

additions to the AES section include the futuristic
Soccer Brawl, supernatural Sengoku and Kaijuu
crazy King of the Monsters. The Neo Geo CD format
once again proves its economic efficiency with coin op perfect
conversions of Last Resort, Viewpoint, Last Blade 2, Sonic
Wings, Big Tournament Golf, Metal Slug
- all free of the
need to consult the bank manager or better half.

On the PC
its always great to see Magical Chase, Horror
Story, Gate of Thunder on the shelves - no matter for
how brief a period.

Bokan Desu Yo, Pocket Fighter, Panzer
Bandit, Cotton Original, Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus, Ganbare
and the Square Millennium Collections show
the Playstation's underground credentials in everything
but hardware sales.

The PS2 also enjoys some mouth
watering prospects with the throw away fun of The Maid
where Akihabara geek chic and the Ikari Warriors
run and gun gameplay collide. Capcom vs SNK 2 sneaks
quietly in there on budget with a tidy conversion of the Capcom/SNK
collaboration. KoF Maximum Impact Regulation A shows
there's life in the old Playmore dog yet and plenty of that
tenacious SNK spirit too from the silky feel of this sublime
scrapper. Sega Ages Galaxy Force II reveals the true
age of a few of the crustier members of the Genki team with
some tears of joy and nostalgia.

Handheld booty a plenty on
the PSP UMD format as long as paper, scissors, stone
is your thing. Fear not if its not your usual after - hours
pastime: a battle can be worryingly compelling and very rewarding.
And Ghouls and Ghosts Kai proves the torch burns brightly
for the ever - young, effervescent Daikaimura series.

wrapping up the Sony scene, Wangan Midnight keeps the
underground feel of the illicit street racing on the streets
of Tokyo spliced with a slick anime styled overlay on the

The big hitters return to the Saturn -
Elevator Action, Guardian Heroes, Gun Frontier, Waku Waku,
Dodonpachi, Dungeons & Dragons, Tenchi wo Kurau II, Strikers
II, Sonic Council, Keio Yugekitai
… making the Saturn Section
read like an extract of an Edge Collector's Guide.

Kunio is back and as bad as ever on the Super Famicom,
backed up by some mysterious looking ladies in Final Fight
and another Capcom masterpiece in Demons Blazon.

Dewy's Adventure proves there's still an abundance
of talent at Konami on the Wii.

The energetic Video
Game Collector
makes for a nice weekend wind down after
a hard gaming session.

Happy Genki Gaming.