Friday, 16 March 2012

Falsion and the Famicom 3D System

Until recently Genki was blissfully unaware of the Famicom 3D System. Granted a few Genki staff have 'Mekong' style foreheads due to the pressure on the temples by the 3D glasses that came with the Master System. Yet it turns out it Famicom Fanboys and girls were getting in on the act, especially with their take on Space Harrier in Falsion. This into the screen 3D shooter is in the distinct mould of Space Harrier with some claustrophobic confines such as the walled level playing like a trench of Star Wars. Sharp reactions are required to succeed. In the words of the game when a particularly nasty boss has been sent packing: “Feel like to have a cup of coffee.” I think you'd have needed more than a few already to get there... And the experience is heightened by these 3D glasses. Virtual Reality a reality on the Famicom back in the 80's and an early tester for the 3DS. Who'd have thought it?

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