Thursday, 14 July 2022

GameBoy Advances & Capcom Fighting Fests Plus PS4 Blasts

 Tomato Adventure, Space Hexcite & Diadroids World Ambition of Evil Empire make their Genki debut. Lettuce tell you: Tomato Adventure is a delightful experience.

Backed up with Nonono Puzzle Chai Rian, Mario v Donkey Kong & Koro Koro Puzzle Happy Panechu display what a fine handheld the #Nintendo #GameBoyAdvance is.

Capcom Fighting Collection brings glorious, colourful 2D fighting to the current generation of Switch and PS4 fans. Plenty to get your teeth into with the Vampire series, but many more knuckle crunching crackers contained within in Hyper Street Fighter II, Cyberbots , Pocket Fighter, Super Puzzle Fighter II X and Warzard for the joypad dexterous. Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 1 makes a welcomed PS4 debut and shows just how many thoroughbreds the Psikyo stable has produced.