Thursday, 25 May 2006

May Day Alert

More delights for the discerning gamer on the site. The Dreamcast leads the hardware battle with some delightful limited edition machines that would look chic on anyone's coffee table. Trizeal and the House of the Dead Gun Set forge the assault on the software front. Saturn owners are in for a treat with the elusive platformer Tryrush Deppy, King of Fighters 96 remonstrates SNK's command of the Saturn and G Vector demonstrates the 3D capability in the right hands. The PSX shows almost Saturn like hardcore gaming qualities in Makeruna Makendo 2, whilst we wouldn't mess with anyone in a white suit in Ichigeki Hagane no Hito. Capcom Fighting Jam cracks a few skulls on the PS2 whilst Genji does it with a sword and a bit of samurai class.

The Simple 2000 range continues to expand with B movie wannabe Daibijin and the Sega Ages collection continues on Sony's baby with Phantasy Star. New arrivals on most the Nintendo systems, but its the Super Famicom leading the way with an update of the PCE classic Super PC Kid 2, the adorable Syo the Seal and the FX Chip powered Wild Trax. Mind you little brother Famicom brings the nostalgia flooding back with Macross, Akira and the Japanese gem Ikki. Alien Storm, Arrow Flash and the expansive highways of Out Runners boost the Mega Drive section with a few CD's to unwind to in the Soundtracks section.

All these plus hundreds of restocks and new listings order (thanks for all the feedback). Full details can be found on the following link...