Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Sizzling Shooters and Mole Bashing

Sizzling Shooters back in stock (as Zzap Magazine would say) such as Raiden IV and Senko no Ronde 2 on the #XBox360 and Kokuga on the #3DS.

#RhythmLand heralds another retro release: this time for the #MegaDrive. More new MD games back in stock, this time firmly of their era in Saint Sword, Mickey and Minnie Magical Adventure 2 and WonderBoy III Monster Lair.

The #SuperFamicom also gets in on the act with us welcoming new copies of Popeye, Crystal Beans and blast-action in the #shootemup Blazeon.

CD Denjin Rockabilly Paradise with crazy power ups turning you into various guises including a sushi chef firing out all manner of sushi rolls and Psychic Storm are two fine #PCEngineSuperCDRom games back in stock in brand new condition.

Gremlins 2, Maniac Mansion and Super Mogura Tataki demonstrate the #Famicom's merits and fine hardware in the mole-bashing Super Mogura.

Castle Fantasia and Card Captor Sakura show-off the #Dreamcast's fine limited editions.