Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Akibas Trip

Whilst Genki would hate for our office's to be assaulted by bra burning protesters, Genki has to admit Akiba's Trip has somewhat tickled our fancy. Perhaps its all those trips to Akiharbara searching for bargains and trying to avoid the temptations of the maid cafes and AKB47 afternoon matinees...? Clever use of word linking in the title as players also get to savour the delights of the otaku’s Mecca (or should that be mecha?) That is Akihabara. Its possible to explore the game shops, electrical stores, anime haunts and obligatory maid cafes with authentic realism in terms of layout. Plenty of fliers and Aikiba info can be viewed. Battles also ensue and those taking a beating tend to lose their dignity instead of getting a cauliflower ear in an intriguing take on the Yakuza series, hence the title.A clever concept covering all bases and uncovering a few surprises.

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