Friday, 15 February 2008

Prime Cuts of Import Gaming

Genki Greetings! Welcome to our freshest update bringing you a fine haul of gaming cuts livelier than Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market.
The Dreamcast kicks off with the Seaman VMU Pack a great way to own a Limited Edition Memory Unit. The Lost Golem is a rarely found beast in stock - a real DC connoisseur's title.
A true Sega guru wouldn't want to be without ShadowRun on the Mega CD - a real chunk of 24 cht gold in the platform's welterweight belt. McDonalds Treasure Land is a well - known Mega Drive platformer being from the Treasure stable, but another couple of fine thoroughbreds with glossy appearances are Marvel Land and Magical Taruruto Kun.
The Trigger Heart Exelica Book is the sort of title to set shmup savvy games heart aflutter with incredibly high production values.
Ninja Masters on the Neo Geo CD has been tormenting the Genki crew this week showing our lack of samurai etiquette after another sound decapitation. Still at least we play fair, unlike that console…
Winter warmers a plenty in the form of some fabulous PC Engine blasters with Gunhed, Cotton, Ai Choaniki, God Panic and Super Star Soldier all warming the cockles more than a good go on the Virtual Cushion…
From the super fine to the sublime on the PSX with Darius Gaiden, Ray Crisis, Gunbird and the barmy Gamera 2000 - a real importers import title! Dezaemon Plus allows gamers who think they could do better to prove it in a shoot 'em up development tool.
Space Fisherman on the PS2 is another such import title that rekindles the passion for your first love at Valentines - gaming.
And with romance in the air, it'd be hard not to fall for one of the sensational PSP UMD's…
Plenty of big hitters back on the Saturn with the little known Deae Tono Sama flexing the SFC's muscles.
Well bon appetit!