Friday, 2 July 2021

Kick it Jackie Chan at the Cos-Play Con

Jackie Chan needs little back-up, but Ghouls and Ghosts is certainly also a tough cookie on the #Famicom. 

Last Bronx takes on all comers,whilst Advanced VG takes the #Dreamcast approach to extreme limited editions.(We are grateful the jigsaw didn't need completing to check the contents.)Panzer Dragoons #Saturn roots explain why the clamour remains for this delightful flight of fancy.

Ushio and Tora is well worth investigating as a lesser known #SuperFamicom light. Based on the man- beast relationship #anime, it features some very slick oriental back drops similar in style to Ghost Sweeper Mikami and executed with similar panache.

Gunstar Heroes is one of the finest Mega Drive games ever made. To call this a 'game' is like to call the Mona Lisa a 'picture of some woman.' As a technical demonstration it does more than Sega said the #MegaDrive could do on the box.

But in playing #Treasures charms soon creep up on you making you realise why many back this as the systems best title. A plethora of bosses, parallax scrolling, a palette of colours of make da Vinci envious even a shmup section interspersed with the run and gun action... 

#Choaniki & #Goemon demonstrate the #Playstation doesn't just do mainstream: it can mix-it at the #cosplay con too. 

Choaniki's Wacky digitised graphics make you wonder if shiitake are the only mushrooms the creators have been having in their miso soup.