Thursday, 28 March 2013

All Star Power League Gold Hu Card

Genki was recently proud to add Darius Alpha to our stock. Well that makes it sound like we have a few copies knocking around. Alas the supply of this game is strictly limited and its hard to find in collectors condition. Or any condition. But it blew our socks off to learn of the All Star Power League Gold Hu Card we recently clocked on sale in Japon at the tasty sum of 189,000 Yen. That's presently around £1300 or $2000 for our cross-Atlantic cousins. Yoiks! Still it is also pictured here for a mere 178,000. Jinkies!

The supplier mentions the dwindling stock in Japan due to them being sent abroad ad speculates from around 200 (or 100 according to the 178,000 dealer) there will only be one left in the whole country one day. I thought it was only us Brits who had such a depressing world outlook. Anyway next time you stumble across a copy in the bargain bins, try not to panic...

Game on! (Just probably not this particular one....)