Friday, 2 March 2012

Risque & Saucy: Shiawase Usagi

Genki usually tries to avoid anything that might make the old glasses steam up. Yet some dedicated collectors might even wish to include bootleg titles in their hit list of the full releases for the PC Engine. The Shiawase Usagi, or "Happy Rabbit" series of games are rare Hacker bootleg releases and as such lack the blessing of NEC. Not pirate titles, but nor officially licensed given the adult content of the game. As such the packing and disk print are minimal.

The first in the series that is so off the scale it doesn't have a catalogue number and is simply known as "Shiawase Usagi". And perhaps there is good reason as players get intimate with the cast of this anime inspired adult title. Very collectable due to be a somewhat under the counter release.

Genki has yet to have the 'pleasure' of this sequel "Shinsetsu Shiawase Usagi 2". Suffice to say the genre of this title isn't exactly over populated, fitting into the rope simulation category. The title that translates as kind, happy rabbit, but it ain't that sort of petting. Fetches a high premium in Japan.

In "Shiawase Usagi 2 Sailor Z" t here are two modes of play: Captured Rabbit and Sailor Z. Gameplay in the former involves three options: look, touch, and chat. With a title that translates as happy rabbit, thankfully no animals appear. Sailor Z is clearly a very unlicensed anime adventure spin off of the Sailor Moon series with the girls in pursuit of the evil Dark Prince that won't be appearing on GMTV. Heaven for the hentai.

Phew, right - thats that one out the way with....

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