Friday 16 November 2007

An Array of Autumnal Import Gaming Warmers

Welcome to our Autumnal update with a fine array of colourful titles across all platforms. Pleased to say PayPal is now accepted direct from the shopping cart.

The DC weighs in with a couple of popular shooters in the sparkling super deluxe edition of Trigger Heart – an essential at the core of the shmup otaku’sTwinkle Star Sprites, the collection and the urban grit of Under Defeat. More leisurely gamers may head for a spin round the districts of the metropolis in Tokyo Bus Driver, the more destructive for a rampage through the same streets as Toho’s eternal Godzilla.

Super Mario Brothers 2 appears on the GBA – a real collectable that is a top tip for future bidding wars.

The Game Gear brings tears of nostalgia flooding back with the Pengo and Ecco particularly easy on the recently rinsed retina.

Ninja Warriors never lasts long on the Mega CD – the same with the cheery MD Magical Taruruto Kun, a refreshing romp for those no longer feeling the Call of Duty. Mamono Hunter Yoko is a dark horse on the import Mega Drive, but well worthy of the attention. Snow Bros. is a true desirable with delicious gameplay to get the seasoned gamer slavering at the chops. Mcdonalds Treasure Land proves to be no clown and well worthy of wearing the Treasure mantle.
The Neo Geo CD again shows its fine array of arcade wares from the frantic pacing of Metal Slug and Sonic Wings 2, to the sassy Last Blade, via the classy Samurai Spirits IV with a few pops into the onion bag with Super Sidekicks 3.

Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 and Excitebike on the N64 win over fans to the various sports – such are their high degree of artistic merit.

One Piece Gear Spirit brings the high jinx of the land lubbing loathing pirate rogues from the anime series to life.

The PC Engine consoles are always a welcome sight on the Genki site with Super Darius, Shubibinman 3, Legend of Hero Tonma, Ninja Spirit, Parasol Stars, PC Kid, Hells Journey, Cotton, Star Parodia, Winds of Thunder, Kaze Kiri, Rayxanber III… Reading like a who’s who of classic retro titles.

The Playstation has some fine titles from the divine Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus to the sublime Power Instinct 2 via the old time Konami Antiques MSX Collection. The almost unknown Plue no Daibouken is a top tip.

The big brother PS2 enjoys a couple of exquisite shooters in ESPGaluda and Dodonpachi Daioujou with Gitaroo Man and Ico a reminder of the top drawer back catalogue. World Heroes Gorgeous has been flying out – good to see SNK hasn’t been forgotten.

Genki Guru’s don’t need reminding of the Saturn’s credentials. The saucy Ohsama game, the samurai slicer Hissatsu and the super Bakabon Bakabons may be a couple of unknown quantities well worth checking out. The addition of the Groove on Fight and Street Fighter Zero 3 Ram Cart Sets are a couple more jewels in the crown.

UFO Kamen Yakisoban and the Violinist of Hamelin are two SFC must haves.

The Wii gets an update of Cloud Master to bring a smile to the face of PC Engine loving shooter fans.

The well read Video Game Collector is back in while stocks last.

Happy Genki Gaming.

Saturday 15 September 2007

For those who demand their titles freshly sealed despite their vintage years, you're not alone:

If there are any games required new, we can put feelers out for them (safely tucked away in white gloves of course...)

Happy shrink-wrapped Surfing.


Friday 24 August 2007

Retro Import Gaming

Rather than expand into too many high school dating sims,
this month we've been hard at work restocking the real top
drawer titles.

leads the charge on the 32X and the genre
bending Gunspike on the Dreamcast.

The 16 bit
Sega Platforms get a timely boost with an array of tasty Mega
based titles such as Time Gal and Sengoku.
Battle Mania's babes hit back in the delightful 16
Bit shooter, along with the organic Crying, close combat
of Contra and the intense action overload of Yu
Yu Hakusho
on the Mega Drive. In fact the MD really
puts on a pyrotechnical show when needed with Tengen's VV,
Musha Aleste, the imaginative Steel Empire,
the ever popular Aeroblasters, Fire Shark

additions to the AES section include the futuristic
Soccer Brawl, supernatural Sengoku and Kaijuu
crazy King of the Monsters. The Neo Geo CD format
once again proves its economic efficiency with coin op perfect
conversions of Last Resort, Viewpoint, Last Blade 2, Sonic
Wings, Big Tournament Golf, Metal Slug
- all free of the
need to consult the bank manager or better half.

On the PC
its always great to see Magical Chase, Horror
Story, Gate of Thunder on the shelves - no matter for
how brief a period.

Bokan Desu Yo, Pocket Fighter, Panzer
Bandit, Cotton Original, Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus, Ganbare
and the Square Millennium Collections show
the Playstation's underground credentials in everything
but hardware sales.

The PS2 also enjoys some mouth
watering prospects with the throw away fun of The Maid
where Akihabara geek chic and the Ikari Warriors
run and gun gameplay collide. Capcom vs SNK 2 sneaks
quietly in there on budget with a tidy conversion of the Capcom/SNK
collaboration. KoF Maximum Impact Regulation A shows
there's life in the old Playmore dog yet and plenty of that
tenacious SNK spirit too from the silky feel of this sublime
scrapper. Sega Ages Galaxy Force II reveals the true
age of a few of the crustier members of the Genki team with
some tears of joy and nostalgia.

Handheld booty a plenty on
the PSP UMD format as long as paper, scissors, stone
is your thing. Fear not if its not your usual after - hours
pastime: a battle can be worryingly compelling and very rewarding.
And Ghouls and Ghosts Kai proves the torch burns brightly
for the ever - young, effervescent Daikaimura series.

wrapping up the Sony scene, Wangan Midnight keeps the
underground feel of the illicit street racing on the streets
of Tokyo spliced with a slick anime styled overlay on the

The big hitters return to the Saturn -
Elevator Action, Guardian Heroes, Gun Frontier, Waku Waku,
Dodonpachi, Dungeons & Dragons, Tenchi wo Kurau II, Strikers
II, Sonic Council, Keio Yugekitai
… making the Saturn Section
read like an extract of an Edge Collector's Guide.

Kunio is back and as bad as ever on the Super Famicom,
backed up by some mysterious looking ladies in Final Fight
and another Capcom masterpiece in Demons Blazon.

Dewy's Adventure proves there's still an abundance
of talent at Konami on the Wii.

The energetic Video
Game Collector
makes for a nice weekend wind down after
a hard gaming session.

Happy Genki Gaming.

Monday 9 July 2007

Summer Sizzlers

Welcome to our summer update of all that’s looking good in a bikini on the Genki site. Plenty here worth lifting up the shades for…
Twinkle Star Sprites on the Dreamcast shows plenty of sparkle and all the pizzazz of its sculptor SNK in a refreshing arcadey romp.
Plenty of bargains to be had on the GameCube including the frighteningly addictive Mr Driller Drill Land and the Treasure masterpiece Dragon Drive D Master Shot.
Marshmallow man memories a plenty as Ghostbusters returns to the Mega Drive with the lively Sonic Spinball and an off-beat Ultraman battle.
Last Resort keeps all guns blazing for the side scrolling shooter brigade and blasts a blaze of glory on the Neo Geo AES. The Neo Geo CD does well with some sturdy, southport fighters in Art of Fighting 2 and Fatal Fury Special.
Super Robot Wars W shows the series’ strength in a culmination of concepts from the saga’s rich history. Osu Tatakae Ouendan 2 also on the DS proves well worth the wait – the very essence of fun and playability guaranteed to bring back the spring in the joypad fingers of the most grizzled gaming veteran. Yoshi’s Island DS brings back a few cherished memories of the Super Famicom version yet with the style and guile of the DS stylus.
Those who have flirted with the idea of getting a Virtual Boy won’t find a better chance to get started with a few tasty gourmet cuts from across the gaming menu in a smooth starter pack.
Ultimate Parodius is in stock as a PSOne version – a sassy import title to chew the PSX cud over with Microman making up in stature what he lacks in size in a little known hidden gem.
The PS2 gets the bargain SNK Best Collection releases of Metal Slug, Last Blade, Garou Mark of Wolves, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters 11 along with the essential Metal Slug Complete covering the series major releases.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma impresses on the PS3 with gorgeous graphical wizardry and some real Tecmo gameplay. There’s also plenty of sunshine on the PSP for when its raining outdoors with various idol related distractions.
The Metal Slug Ram Cart Pack makes its long awaited Genki debut on the Saturn.
The thrills and spills of Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race are countered by the icey chills of Biohazard 4 Wii Edition. Some Nintendo cheer in an amazing return to form in the innovative Super Paper Mario. Great news for PC Engine and Monkey fans alike in the long awaited Cloud Master update for the Wii
The Dead or Alive Hitomi Figure has been breathing life into the Genki team and providing a good reminder of the summer – hard to find elsewhere. Until next time, keep your hardware dry…

Friday 27 April 2007

Reassuringly Refreshing Retro Reminisences

Welcome to the freshest update of gaming goodness, squeezing
in plenty of zesty titles to leave a refreshing, honey-sweet
aftertaste to the most parched of palettes.

Getting in shape for summer on the DC with the Dance
Dance Revolution
mats back in stock along with the Club
and 2nd Mix versions of the funky, booty-jiggling rhythm
action title.

Final Fantasy collectables aplenty on the Famicom with the initial three instalments a must-have for Square completists as the prestigious company thinks outside the box of game design.

Crack Down delivers a solid Metal Gear impersonation
on the Mega Drive and the restocked Treasure classic
Yu Yu Hakusho shows what the console could do when
the boundaries are pushed, shoved and kicked through.

The Neo Geo CD demands attention for its affordability in
games such as Big Tournament Golf costing a fraction of its
AES brother and exclusive titles such the King Arthur inspired Crossed
Swords II. Ninja Commando
captures the coin grabbing feel of
the Jamma coin-ops era perfectly.

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 is up for pre-order on the Nintendo
and Genki can't wait to sample more of this exquisitely crafted
joy of a series.

Remote Control Dandy exposes the underground credentials
of the import PSX scene with Miyamoto-esque innocence in
the boy and robot scenario with the equally charming sequel back
in stock on the PS2.

Thunder Cross blazes a blast across the PS2's bows
as another fine release in the Game Centre series, this time in
the Shoot 'Em Up genre. There are also an array of fine SNK fighters
on pre-order to complement the uber smooth Street Fighter III
3rd Strike
with Garou Mark of Wolves, King of Fighters, Last
Blade, Art of Fighting
and more representing stupendous value.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3 pre-order looks like
delivering a timely, classy, triple-A title to the sleek beast with
Tecmo's signature eye for action as sharp as the hero's shurikens.

Blackthorne shows the dark side of the Super Famicom
with two more accessible Gundam titles, the eternally maniac
Smash TV and the genre defying Fire Fighting bringing
Burning Rangers to the console.

The Wii gets ready for legions of undead in the special version
of Biohazard 4 with the remote really coming into its own.
Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race would be better recommended though
for the witching hour.

Plenty of restocks on the Saturn with Pretty Fighter X
and Choaniki and the PC Engine in City Hunter
and Samurai Ghost.

Happy Genki Gaming!

Wednesday 4 April 2007

April Additions

Welcome to our latest update with Gunspike, Gigawing 2 and Karasu leading the aerial assault on the Dreamcast.

Keio is a delightful Mega CD shooter bringing much kudos to the platform that enjoyed an Indian summer in the Far East.

Jewel Master, Monster World IV, Hellfire, Super Shinobi II and Double Dragon II are ample consolation for Mega Drive owners without the CD upgrade though.

A couple more big hitters on the AES crack their knuckles menacingly in KOF 2000 and Fatal Fury 3.

Whilst the CD exclusive Oshidashi Zintrick and the supernatural Ghost Pilots show the Neo Geo CD’s tricks to be way beyond a juggling monkey.

The DS comes good with a cracking little update of Front Mission 1st. There’s even a kanji dictionary for those determined to decipher those Red Label Saturn titles…

Marvel Vs Street Fighter and Guardian Force make welcomed additions to the Saturn section proving beyond doubt it’s the ambassador’s choice of 2D gaming.

The Japanese Master System with its special sound chip shows Sega’s early console heritage off very well.

Kamen Rider, Ganbare Goemon, Tondemo Crisis and Fuuun Gokuu Ninden enhance the PSX’s reputation no end with the sort of gameplay only available on import. Martial Beat is far more fun and far cheaper than joining gym with a boxercise class.

The savvy Fist of the North Star is joined on the PS2 by the hard knock Kenka Bancho 2 and the bargain Guilty Gear XX Slash with Guilty Gear XX Acore and the irresistible Metal Slug Complete up for pre-order.

Super Paper Mario on the Wii has certainly whet our lips in anticipation of some of that Nintendo magic dust due later in the month with a high velocity Sonic to keep us entertained until then.

Power Smash 3 returns the expectation generated from the DC editions with interest right down the PS3’s tram line.

Bleach 4 is up for pre-order on the PSP with a bargain version of Princess Crown to bring a tear to the eye with its lush graphics and emotive gameplay.

Sailor Moon, Combat Tribes and Sengoku give the Super Famicom a light work out with each needing a few thousand kicks and punches to dispose of the imaginative henchmen in the classic side scrolling beat ‘em up style.

Wario Land and Red Alert add two triple-A titles to the Virtual Boy catalogue. Finally more magazines to relish with the latest instalments of Video Game Collector.

Happy gaming.

Monday 5 March 2007

Spring in your Step

Introducing some select software on the site guaranteed to put a spring back in your gaming step...

The eternally youthful Dreamcast gets another fine release courtesy of Warashi with Trigger Heart and this is backed up with some pefect puzzle action from the back catalogue in Sega Tetris and Puyo Puyo 4.

There’s also additional shmup action on the Mega Drive with Raiden the hardcore, hardcore shooter vets choice of punishment along with the sublime Pulstar for the Neo Geo CD (with a martial arts fest going off on the Neo Geo AES system…) In fact the PC Engine spoils shooter fans this month with Super Darius II in stock plus the essential hardware for enjoying this exotic console.

More puzzle conundrums on the GBA too with the addition of a couple more devilish bit Generation titles.

The PSX once again enjoys a strong showing with Plue no Daibouken and Punch The Monkey exemplifying the kind of title sadly missing from its club savvy Western catalogue. And Hippa Linda, Remote Control Dandy and Skygunner demonstrate the diversity on the PS2 if you know where to look, as does Baito Hell for the PSP. Plenty of restocks on all formats including the PS3, with Power Smash 3 up for pre-order and setting pulses racing with its serve and volley action.

Kunio kicks a few derrières on the Super Famicom with Ushio and Tora bringing back memories of the machines forte: highly playable platform titles. Last but by no means least, Cooking Mama whisks up a culinary delight in the Wii kitchen. Bon appetit.

Friday 23 February 2007

Genki Interview Exclusive

1. Tell me a little bit about the company. What can I find if I visit your store? was founded to bring more more exposure to the delightful Japanese exclusive titles that don't make it to the West. In a global world influences from other cultures cross pollinate across the internet and growing exposure to manga, anime and Akiba culture has meant bringing out Japanese games in Western markets is much more feasible. The situation has improved, but going back over the last decade we can see countless examples of fine games not being released outside Japan, particularly on machines that excelled in Japan such as the PC Engine and Saturn.

Genki launched properly on seven eleven (7th of November) 2005 (though we have no connection to the convenience store.) Genki genrally means "fine", and is frequently used to ask "How are you?" In Japan. The language translation software often brings this out as "Is it vigorous?" which is slightly more vague in the English language.... ;) Luckily certain members of the Genki team speak Japanese allowing us to avoid disturbing the harmony too much with our gruff Western ways on buying trips to Japan. And it also lets us get hold of titles not commonly available - but we always base our price on what we have paid for the game and not what we could potentially sell it for. Hopefully in doing so we are making import gaming less exclusive.

2. Do you have many customers from other countries than UK? Is it easy to order games, pay etc?

Our main customer base is in the UK, but we also export overseas around half of our games - mainly to North America and Western Europe. The site is rigged up with a cart system to WorldPay with its ultra safe system, but we accept other payment methods too.

3. Do you see any interesting trends in the import/retro world from your perspecive as an seller?

To be honest the beauty of the import market is the vast variety of genres and systems it has. Whilst there will always be the big titles on each system such as Taromaru, Crows and Dungeons and Dragons on the Saturn, or Kaze Kiri, Steam Hearts and Sapphire on the PC Engine, we get requests for train sims, pachinko titles, anime themed Famicom games, a bomb diffusal game on the PSX, war sims... Of course our staple market is the shoot em up and fighting titles with liberal lashings of platformers. But the real beauty lies in the diversity of titles out there. Such requests are always welcome through our "Customer Request" facility - it often alerts us to brilliant titles we may have missed and hopefully ends with another very satisfied customers...
We try to give as much coverage to various consoles as our customers will allow us: as such we are particularly well stocked on the Saturn, Dreamcast, PC Engine, Super Famicom, Mega Drive and Playstation. The Famicom, WonderSwan, XBox and PC FX tend to have less of a fan base so we have to go steady on our spending sprees there.

4. Do you play/collect games for yourself?

Yes. Personally my first import machine was a Super Famicom and unfortunately the folks
didn't see the warning signs then. :) Having beautiful box packaging added to the regret of selling them and was probably when I first realised I was a collector. Buying a Neo Geo and brand new carts probably wasn't the intented way to spend an eighteenth birthday £1k coming of age present. Nor was getting a PSX for £700 on release. But such misdemeanours are all part of import gamings rich tapestry. Luckily Genki would never charge such prices... :)

Friday 9 February 2007

From Import Dreamcast Shooters to Akihabara Geek Chic Maids...

More from the latest additions to the web site. A real bumper haul fit for the Captain's table...

Power Stone 2
delivers the action packed arcade experience on the Dreamcast whilst the machine refuses to fade away with Karasu now up for preorder.

Nintendo Puzzle Collection, Mario Party 7 and NBA Street V3 Mario Dunk demonstrate the GameCube's diversity and array of solid, playable titles.

Space Battleship Gomora adds to the burgeoning amount of quality Mega Drive shoot 'em ups.

Metroid Prime Hunters exemplifies the raw power of the DS whilst the graphically simplistic Pac Pix opens the Pandora's Box of potential for the stylus control method.

The Bit Generations series adds some gameplaying chic to the GBA.

The Super Grafx may not have an extensive catalogue, but it is a very obtainable one for completist collectors.

The PSX once again flexes its hardcore muscles with Real Bout, Gradius Deluxe Pack, Gussun Oyoyo, Soukyugurentai, Oh No, Pepsiman et al proving there was a real gamers machine beneath the Sony hype. Import PSX consoles in stock too.

The PS2 is also well represented with all action crackers from Tetsujin 28 to The Maid with some excellent value Simple 2000 releases...

The PS3 gets in the groove with F1 looking like a Sunday afternoon dream.

Konami declares its love of PSP owners with pocket size PSP conversions of its back catalogue of sublime shooters.

The Wii gets some hefty back up from the likes of Zelda, Wii Sports and Kororinpa. No wonder its sold out everywhere in Japan....

There are also plenty of restocks on the Saturn and the Super Famicom too. Happy gaming.