Friday 7 December 2018

Season's Greetings.
A haul of fine retro tinged gaming this week: enough to supply Santa with the brand new #VirtualBoy or #MegaCD top of many Christmas lists past. Circus Lido in new condition would have featured on a few Santa letters too.

Juju Densetsu is a superb, simian-themed Mega Drive game with DJ Boy rising up the field in the collectability stakes. Also been enjoying Gauntlet Legends on the N64 for the first time.

Cyborg 009 is a delightful #SuperFamicom experience. Werewolf The Last Warrior shows off the #Famicom's skills set. Thunderforce Gold Pack 1 still delivers plenty of bangs for one's buck on the #SegaSaturn.…/shvcs9…/tfcw8…/t1807g

The #GameBoyAdvance has some superb restocks: Rockman Zero 3, Metalgun Slinger, Astro Boy, Gunstar Super Heroes...

The Ghost of Christmas future brings us #Shenmue I&II and also Game Paradise Cruisin Mix on the #PS4 with more than a nod to the past ( as all good #retrogamers know, you've got to know your history!)

The Nintendo #GameCube Smash Brothers Controller can also be used on the Switch with an extra gadget. Plus pads and bits in for that modern-day chart topper the #NeoGeoMini - the future is now! Happy Season of Gaming.