Monday, 5 March 2007

Spring in your Step

Introducing some select software on the site guaranteed to put a spring back in your gaming step...

The eternally youthful Dreamcast gets another fine release courtesy of Warashi with Trigger Heart and this is backed up with some pefect puzzle action from the back catalogue in Sega Tetris and Puyo Puyo 4.

There’s also additional shmup action on the Mega Drive with Raiden the hardcore, hardcore shooter vets choice of punishment along with the sublime Pulstar for the Neo Geo CD (with a martial arts fest going off on the Neo Geo AES system…) In fact the PC Engine spoils shooter fans this month with Super Darius II in stock plus the essential hardware for enjoying this exotic console.

More puzzle conundrums on the GBA too with the addition of a couple more devilish bit Generation titles.

The PSX once again enjoys a strong showing with Plue no Daibouken and Punch The Monkey exemplifying the kind of title sadly missing from its club savvy Western catalogue. And Hippa Linda, Remote Control Dandy and Skygunner demonstrate the diversity on the PS2 if you know where to look, as does Baito Hell for the PSP. Plenty of restocks on all formats including the PS3, with Power Smash 3 up for pre-order and setting pulses racing with its serve and volley action.

Kunio kicks a few derrières on the Super Famicom with Ushio and Tora bringing back memories of the machines forte: highly playable platform titles. Last but by no means least, Cooking Mama whisks up a culinary delight in the Wii kitchen. Bon appetit.