Monday, 5 March 2012

Shooting Game Historica

As dedicated gamers with their ears to the listening post will no doubt know, PVC is big in Japan and not just in typhoon season. Yet the dedication shown by the collectors there often means a good few Yen in exchange for a no doubt must-have figure. Undoubtedly the production values on such high end figures are immense, yet sometimes one wonders how much the manufacturers know their figures are must-have in terms of pricing. Anyway enough rambling: just to say it is a treat to stock the fine Shooting Game Historica series. The ships are blind packed in the boxed version which is another bug bear for the collector. Yet the production values are high, the size just right to hopefully get them on a shelf with some lighting to do them justice and the pricing appropriate to be able to get a full set. There are many fine shooters and its great to see a tribute to them. Budge up bunny girl figures!

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