Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sega Toylets

Battle the bad boss by pee-ing harder!
In all her beauty with the pressure sensor in blue.

At danger of much loved (by the British anyway) toilet humour, Genki recently came across a Sega Toylet. A urinal based game where the pressure tab in the urinal situated is used to give a pressure reading to the game. So power pee-rs will be lapping this up as they fight the boss with the strength of attack determined by the volume and flow.
The boss battle game can be seen here:

This next title involves going for broke in order to increase the power of the wind and get a glimpse at the underwear of this unsuspecting weather caster busy doing her report...

Why? Well aiming for the pressure spot causes less mess, though Genki can imagine some unfortunate horseplay during competitive bouts. But also it allows the bar owner to award a prize offer at the end such as cheaper beer for the next hour. The simple pleasures in life eh?

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