Thursday, 13 September 2012

Capcom Friendly Club

Capcom Friendly Club existed for fans of the developer to feel more part of the team. Video updates were mailed out and each one was full of personal messages and thanks for the gamers devotion to the creator of Street Fighter, Rockman, Biohazard et al. Tips were handed over as to how to succeed in a tough spot on Rockman (which doesn't narrow it down much) and even of mythical cheats to aid progression. With it being a mail order club exclusive to members the bond between gamer and developer strengthened no end through the sharing of cheats, hints and much-loved gaming Easter eggs. Plus seeing footage of the next update of Rockman and Forte before many others (besides attendees of the Tokyo Game Show and gaming journalists) was bound to cut some kudos down the trend equivalent of the maid cafe at the time. Happy days indeed as part of the club.

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