Friday, 21 September 2012

Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire

Genki was pleased to hear of the PSP version one of the most expensive and rare PC Engine games because it was never actually released commercially due to it arriving too late in the PC Engine's life cycle. (Sapphire was just handed out at a game show.) Not because it might potentially upset owners who had splashed out on the original (who should never let 'her indoors' or their bank manager see the price, but your financial investor may back you that its a sound investment.) No more because its a technical marvel, proving that it takes time to fully grasp the capabilities of a console's architecture. But also because there is a fear of spending such a hefty wodge of cash on a pirated copy. Genki has no such fears though only utilising respectable and reliable suppliers in Japan.
Sapphire is a polished gem utilising massive sprites with scaling, morphing, pre rendering, ray tracing and rotation effects. Four pretty pilots, four ships and five time travelling levels-not quite as long as you may have hoped. Still if you can resist the continues, this is a shooter fan's dream.
The PSP version combines classic Engine RPG action in Yuna with the shooter to destroy all shooters in this value pack. And it is amazing value in fact compared to the PC Engine release of Sapphire. Huzzah!


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