Friday, 14 September 2012

Autograph Hunters

Whilst autographs are usually more associated with superstar footballers and Indian Premier League cricketers, games developers could be refusing to sign that copy of Worms for fear of it going straight onto Ebay. Perhaps the nature of developing games with long hours at unsociable times means they will remain relatively unknown behind shades hiding well worn eyes...? Yet recently publishers have been keen to big up their leading lights to strengthen the bond between gamer and label. Miyamoto san, Kojima san on the box: must be good.

Recently the Genk has come across a couple of signed versions: Death Crimson on the Saturn with a signature as pictured. Special Prize Edition with Treasure designed Bangaioh signed phonecard is another. It appears 'Prize Bangaio' was given out to the five highest score contestants in a Japanese gaming contest. Only five exist so the chances of it restocking are slim. If you are curious the winning score was 60,199,689 - not sure how long that took to clock up! The contest took place on the 31st of January 2000. We'll keep you posted on the next one...

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