Thursday, 17 April 2014

Japanese Import Recollections

Genki's first import console was the Super Famicom. Having not even heard of a scart TV, the importer rang
Big Run tries a white knuckle grasp of Mode 7
to say their PAL conversion plans hadn't quite gone to plan and in order to still get a console, you will need a NTSC TV. Said TV acquired in Sony Portable form, the console eventually arrived with a bumper pack of seven games. It was truly mind blowing to see the vibrant colours of Super Mario Land and very hard for the efforts of Jaleco's Big Run to get a look in. Bless it. 

Still Genki was soon whizzing around in glorious Mode 7, admittedly not on the Paris-Dakar rally though. More in a futuristic racer with equally colourfully named drivers vrying for attention in their Psychedelic vehicles. F Zero brought home the SNK phrase: the future was indeed now. The pit lane topping up power levels, the ginormous jumps over Neo-Tokyo style cityscapes (badly timed at the wrong angle in Genki's case to crash and burn...) The glory of the last gasp victory to be celebrated as your ship did a victory lap (with further chance to lap up the Mode 7 glory...) Happy Days.

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