Wednesday, 1 February 2012

World Soccer Perfect Eleven: Bouffants and White Feathers

Speaking of which World Soccer Perfect Eleven certainly tred a tightrope of image rights with players looking like the White Feather Fabrizio Ravanelli of Italy, Gabriel Batistuta of Argentina and the unmistakable bouffant of Carlos Valderrama playing for Colombia.
Konami changed the rules of the game with this sublime release. Combining easy pick up and play mechanics with a slick passing system, it took the patience of a Dutch master to be able to fully manipulate players to perform deft overhead flicks and inch perfect through balls. But the real thrill came in being able to recognise the stars of the world game for the first time in front of your very eyes. The pass master, the original. There was something about retro football games that seems to be missing from the modern day versions...

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