Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Samurai Spirits RPG

Harking back to the hey-day of SNK comes this fine piece of fan service featuring all your Samurai Spirit's characters miniaturised into a very nicely animated sprite based world. The series itself is full of intriguing characters and this RPG fills in alot of meat on the bones of their personas. But its not just waffle of a rushed job: some real thought has gone into getting into the mindsets of the characters in Samurai Spirits RPG. Be it the Ainu inspired Hokkaido inhabitant Nakoruru, or the thoughtful samurai the series takes its inspiration from. And it’s like many different RPG's in one as each playable character has a different story thread to follow. SNK fans will find it hard to resists the lure of diving straight back in to discover more of this fabulous gaming world. A must - have for fans of the series and highly collectable. Arigatou SNK san.

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