Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Bank of Sega

Genki Greetings.

PS4 and Switch shooters a plenty in this update with Cotton Rock and Roll and Death Smiles I II plus Raiden IV x Mikado for the PS4 and the quirky Illvelo Swamp + Radirgy Swag for the Switch.

Valis also makes a triumphant return to hold her sword aloft on the Switch.

The Piggy Bank of Sega is a delightful discovery for anyone who appreciated Service Games during the 90's and its touching that Sega hasn't forgotten its devoted fan base.

The Famicom has more new releases in Battletoads and Astro Ninja  Man DX, keeping it forever young.

 A plethora of delightful restocks such as Namco 50
th Anniversary Collection on the PS2, Hajime no Ippo on the GameBoy Advance, Actraiser on the Super Famicom, the AV Famicom, the PC Engine Duo R as Ultimate Tiger Heli continues to fly out (sorry.) Happy Genki Gaming. 

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