Thursday, 11 October 2018

PS2 Japan Beauties

The seems to have entered territory, so here are a few import sizzlers that seem to be lacking on the PS3 onwards. Gitaroo Man Wan (New) Trial version in which players transform into the uber funky Giatroo Man by picking up an electric guitar and strum some riffs to dispatch of your adversaries in a unique twist on the rhythm action genre. Minna Daisuki Katamari (New) More of the madcap mayhem that made the prequel such a popular title with plenty of bizarre inhabitants as the giant ball engulfs all that it can rolling around Japanese towns all wondrously realised in the games unique style. Super Galdelic Hour The Gals of the title are all very skimpily dressed as they take part in a bizarre compilation of mini games in order to keep the TV ratings of their show up. Such events included skipping, custard pie throwing, mole whacking...
The Camera (New) Three beautiful women to capture on film including an F1 flag girl, but clever and well taken shots are required to befriend the models before other paparazzi manage to do so. Yakinikku Bonfire (New) A superb concept and it works like a treat as players expertly use cooking chopsticks to deliver and flip slices of meat and vegetables to hungry punters. The meat sizzles away and the sound effects are very authentic.
Photograph Boy 2 (New) In Genki's humble opinion the finest title to ever grace the PC Engine getting a well deserved update for those who have never reveled in its delights. Also known as 'Gekisha Boy 2' and 'Gekibo 2'. Vib Ripple (New) Created and crafted from those thoughtful designers Nana On Sha of Rhyme Rider Keroican, Parappa Rapper and of course the prequel, Vib Ribbon fame.
Meiwaku Seijin Panic Maker Despite its prestige and well-known brand Capcom regularly tries to reinvent itself with ambitious projects such as Panic Maker.Played as an invading alien charged with making trouble for earthlings and all the fun that provides. Tokyo Bus Guide (New) (Best) Live the dream: drive your bus around the big T not forgetting to announce the stops and shut the door before departure. Oh and buses run on time in Japan. White drivers gloves not supplied. Mosquito (Best) Innovative, if a little off- kilter, 'Ka' is played through the eyes of a mosquito trying to get a good feed. The much-maligned insect can fly freely within the room to close in on a human occupant.
Mojib Ribbon (New) An unusual title being based on Japanese calligraphy. But wait: the action is controlled by rhythm action style presses which see the on screen character flourish with good timing and stumble&trip without.
The Story of Hero Yoshitsune (New)

Played as Yoshitsune, the leader of the Minamoto clan back in feudal Japan, hacking and slashing through epic, immense battles.

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