Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Journey to the West

As followers (thats both of you) of the Genki Blog will well know, it doesn't take much to send Genki off the deep end about the fabulous NHK Monkey series which aired in the 80's in the UK. And Saiyuki World 2 captures the raw essence of our beloved cheeky chimp to a T. I mean who could be failed to be charmed by a simian god who gets caught taking a pee on the Buddha's fingers (if that isn't sacrilege...) And has to constantly battle the demons within to resist the urge to bosh everyone in close proximity over the head with an extendible staff stashed behind his ear...? Luckily Trippitaka knows a Koan or two to put paid to his irrepressible nature... The game is firmly based on the Monkey legend or Journey to the West as famed by the classical book or the afore mentioned NHK series. The representation of Monkey is spot on and the cloud is present to help with tricky platform sections. The Buddhist hell bosses make for intriguing battles, especially for gamers more accustomed to the Occidental end of game bad guys. Natsukashii...

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