Friday, 9 February 2007

From Import Dreamcast Shooters to Akihabara Geek Chic Maids...

More from the latest additions to the web site. A real bumper haul fit for the Captain's table...

Power Stone 2
delivers the action packed arcade experience on the Dreamcast whilst the machine refuses to fade away with Karasu now up for preorder.

Nintendo Puzzle Collection, Mario Party 7 and NBA Street V3 Mario Dunk demonstrate the GameCube's diversity and array of solid, playable titles.

Space Battleship Gomora adds to the burgeoning amount of quality Mega Drive shoot 'em ups.

Metroid Prime Hunters exemplifies the raw power of the DS whilst the graphically simplistic Pac Pix opens the Pandora's Box of potential for the stylus control method.

The Bit Generations series adds some gameplaying chic to the GBA.

The Super Grafx may not have an extensive catalogue, but it is a very obtainable one for completist collectors.

The PSX once again flexes its hardcore muscles with Real Bout, Gradius Deluxe Pack, Gussun Oyoyo, Soukyugurentai, Oh No, Pepsiman et al proving there was a real gamers machine beneath the Sony hype. Import PSX consoles in stock too.

The PS2 is also well represented with all action crackers from Tetsujin 28 to The Maid with some excellent value Simple 2000 releases...

The PS3 gets in the groove with F1 looking like a Sunday afternoon dream.

Konami declares its love of PSP owners with pocket size PSP conversions of its back catalogue of sublime shooters.

The Wii gets some hefty back up from the likes of Zelda, Wii Sports and Kororinpa. No wonder its sold out everywhere in Japan....

There are also plenty of restocks on the Saturn and the Super Famicom too. Happy gaming.

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