Wednesday, 20 September 2006

September Restocks Galore

Many belting titles restocked recently: more fight fests on the DC along with the funkiest Cool Cool Toon with Cool Cool Jam on the NGPC, the retro chic Cyborg 009 on the Mega CD, the infamous Gleylancer and Treasure classic Yu Yu Hakusho for the Mega Drive and more Treasure brilliance on the N64 in Mischief Makers. The PC Engine gets three amazing additions in Rayxanber III, Kaze Kiri and Steam Hearts with plenty more restocks on the Hu Card format such as Dead Moon and Splatterhouse. Gear Fighter Dendoh and Choukousoku Grandoll demonstrate the PSX's hardcore credentials if you know the right places to look. The Super Famicom shows off Demons Blazon from the golden Capcom era along with the genius of Violinist of Hamelin and Macross Scrambled Valkyrie. The Saturn proves its in a different orbit when it comes to import retro gaming with the welcomed addition of Battle Garegga and the ThunderForce V Special Pack along with some cracking restocks: Segata Sanshiro, Prikura Daisakusen, Salamander Deluxe Pack, Guardian Heroes and Hyper Duel all coming with the Genki seal of approval. Finally a lovely, limited edition version of Chun Li - well worthy of immortalising in a PVC figure.
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