Monday, 31 July 2006

Sneak Preview

Here's a sneak preview of the latest additions to the site: Densha De GO! 2 for the N64 adds another facet to this supreme series with a microphone - just don't let the neighbours see you playing it. Bubble Bobble DS and Super Mario 64 DS demonstrate the power of the little handheld known as the DS. The PSX starts throwing its weight around with King of Fighters and the saucy Advanced VG 2. Not half as tasty as the morsels on offer in the bizarre Manpuku Nabe Kazoku of the gourmet genre. The PS2 gets all nostalgic with a cracking conversion of whip wielding, arcade antics in Akumajo Dracula. A delightful treat for PSP owners in the form of Ooedo Senryobako packed full of Eastern promise. This month also sees a wealth of restocks on the DC, Mega Drive, Saturn.... Plus some fine pieces of hardware too: the eternal Super Famicom with a plethora of import only classics, the Neo Geo AES - a Rolls Royce amongst consoles and the PSone - a great way to discover import gaming with many titles often far cheaper than the Saturn. Finally the Pia Carrot series gets immortalised in these stunning Kotobukiya styled figurines. More to come soon... For the full update please point your browser here...

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