Friday, 21 April 2006

Spring in your Step

Highlights on the Dreamcast include the Macross M3 Limited Edition Set and Death Crimson OX, as well as a nice discovery that's quite nasty in the survival horror genre… Highly collectable crackers Ninja Warriors and Anet Futatabi lead the charge on the Mega CD front with the slick Shadowrun restocking. The Saturn shines the beacon for retro gaming with a score of new additions including sensuous Super Real Mahjong PV, ThunderForce V, a rare Clockwork Knight package, the remaining Shining Force III Scenarios and some highly addictive puzzlers. Popular collectables such as Game Paradise, Policenauts, Donpachi and Bokan are back in stock.

Genki also cracks out the champagne as the Neo Geo AES gets a warm welcome to the site, along with Stellar Assault on the 32X. A few off-beat PS2 titles such as Zombie vs Ambulance head the Sony charge with Shikigami no Shiro II back in stock. Mirano's Arebeit Collection shows there is an abundance of Saturn style fan soft on the PSX as Ore no Ryori returns. Biohazards are welcomed to the GameCube coming in value memory card packs and doing nothing for Genki's nervous twitch. Hagane and Magic Sword show what the Super Famicom can do in the right hands. Drac's thankfully back on the PC Engine Super CD Rom in Dracula X as the PC FX gets a couple of hot, hentai additions. For the full low down please click here.

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