Monday, 6 May 2019

"Bumper batch of restocks this week with Soldier Blade, PC Kid 3, Kikikaikai, Ninja Warriors, Darius Plus and Kato Chan Ken Chan demonstrating the PC Engine was ahead of its time. The Ghouls and Ghosts version for the Super Grafx remains the finest.
Speaking of which, Tenchi O Kurau II is a superb version for the Playstation. The Mega Drive gets some triple-A titles back on the shelves too in Kujaku Ou 2, Rockman Mega World, Phelios and Marvel Land.

The GBA has a real sleeve of retro tattoos in Contra Hard Spirits, Castlevania, F-Zero Falcon Densetsu, Metroid Zero Mission...

The PS2 is starting to become the choice console of the retro hipster with Space Channel 5, XII Stag and JoJos Bizarre Adventure enough ID to get it into the retro expo.

A wealth of collection fillers for snap them up prices on the Saturn. Alas Ninja Warriors Again is in a different pricing bracket, but what a game on the Super Famicom. 

Finally the GameCube boasts Sonic Gem Collection, Beach Spikers, PN 03, Mr Driller Drill Land....

Happy Genki Gaming."

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Sizzling Shooters and Mole Bashing

Sizzling Shooters back in stock (as Zzap Magazine would say) such as Raiden IV and Senko no Ronde 2 on the #XBox360 and Kokuga on the #3DS.

#RhythmLand heralds another retro release: this time for the #MegaDrive. More new MD games back in stock, this time firmly of their era in Saint Sword, Mickey and Minnie Magical Adventure 2 and WonderBoy III Monster Lair.

The #SuperFamicom also gets in on the act with us welcoming new copies of Popeye, Crystal Beans and blast-action in the #shootemup Blazeon.

CD Denjin Rockabilly Paradise with crazy power ups turning you into various guises including a sushi chef firing out all manner of sushi rolls and Psychic Storm are two fine #PCEngineSuperCDRom games back in stock in brand new condition.

Gremlins 2, Maniac Mansion and Super Mogura Tataki demonstrate the #Famicom's merits and fine hardware in the mole-bashing Super Mogura.

Castle Fantasia and Card Captor Sakura show-off the #Dreamcast's fine limited editions.


Friday, 7 December 2018

Season's Greetings.
A haul of fine retro tinged gaming this week: enough to supply Santa with the brand new #VirtualBoy or #MegaCD top of many Christmas lists past. Circus Lido in new condition would have featured on a few Santa letters too.

Juju Densetsu is a superb, simian-themed Mega Drive game with DJ Boy rising up the field in the collectability stakes. Also been enjoying Gauntlet Legends on the N64 for the first time.

Cyborg 009 is a delightful #SuperFamicom experience. Werewolf The Last Warrior shows off the #Famicom's skills set. Thunderforce Gold Pack 1 still delivers plenty of bangs for one's buck on the #SegaSaturn.…/shvcs9…/tfcw8…/t1807g

The #GameBoyAdvance has some superb restocks: Rockman Zero 3, Metalgun Slinger, Astro Boy, Gunstar Super Heroes...

The Ghost of Christmas future brings us #Shenmue I&II and also Game Paradise Cruisin Mix on the #PS4 with more than a nod to the past ( as all good #retrogamers know, you've got to know your history!)

The Nintendo #GameCube Smash Brothers Controller can also be used on the Switch with an extra gadget. Plus pads and bits in for that modern-day chart topper the #NeoGeoMini - the future is now! Happy Season of Gaming.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Random Access Memories: Idea no Hi (sfc)

#SuperFamicom #IdeanoHi #Shouei

Incredibly off beat and to be applauded for it making Mother 2 look very straight laced, middle America. The inventory system places value on clothing as opposed to amour.

The modern world setting in itself makes for an unusual approach compared to the more common fantasy theme. Very tidy screen representation of the gaming world with a distinctly Japanese feel to the game.